Flamingo Park

Official Bootfair 2017 Website

The bootfair is held

Every Sunday
weather permitting

A decision will be made regarding suitability of the weather / ground conditions on the morning of each bootfair. An answer phone message will be updated on the 020 8309 1012 phone number as early as the decision is made.

The bootfair is open from 9am untill 2:30pm.

Please Note: NO Dogs will be permitted on the premises



Car 12

People carriers/pickups 14

Small van 16

Large Van 18
(Please note large vans are those transit/vito sized and above)

Trailer additional 2 on any vehicle.

Buyers carpark :

1.50 per car
(please bring the correct change, no notes!)

Forbidden goods:

It is strictly forbidden to sell the following at The Flamingo Park bootsale:

(This is not an exhaustive list and common sense should prevail)

1. Food and drinks

2. Pirate DVDs etc

3. Any counterfeit goods

4. Live animals

5. Illegal or stolen goods

6. Alcohol


Contact us:

Flamingo Park

A20 Sidcup By Pass




Telephone: 020 8309 1012

Email: flamingoparks@aol.com

Web: www.flamingopark.co.uk